My friend and I have had the privilege and pleasure of boarding our horse at Future Hope Equestrian for almost five years.
We cannot imagine entrusting our beloved horse with anyone other than Ann and Danielle.
Our mare developed colic three years ago, which they spotted early enough to save her life.
Years before, Ann and Danielle trained two of my earlier horses.
Their horse knowledge, sensitivity and care make them an outstanding team for anyone who loves their horses as we do.
Don Worfolk and Laura Warner

Don Worfolk and Laura Warner

I have two daughters that love their time at Future Hope Equestrian. My older daughter has a chronic illness. On her very first ride she could only sit on the horse for 15 minutes at a walk once a week in the arena, and even that was very hard for her. Ann was so kind, supportive, encouraging, patient, wise, and attentive that Sara flourished under her tutelage. Sara is now able to go for 45 minute trail rides four times per week and to tack her own horse. She grew incredibly in strength, health, and confidence in  a very short time from her riding at FHE.  I am so thankful for the gift this has been to Sara!

My younger daughter Nina has also grown in courage, confidence, strength through volunteering and learning from all of the wonderful staff and other riders at FHE.  She wants to spend every moment that she isn’t at school at FHE. However, even her time at FHE is a wonderful part of her education!


We love this place, our horses, our community! Come join us!




Future Hope Team - Ann